Technical Program Schedule

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Tuesday (June 13)

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7:00-8:00 Breakfast
8:00-9:00 Keynote Session 2
9:00-9:30 Coffee Break
9:30-10:30 RISK-2498 RISK-2470 BIM-2506 PS-2428 CDR-2662 EVM-2590 OWN-2547  
  LA Metro implements ProjectStatus for Collaborative Risk Tracking From Activity-Based Ranging to Risk Driver Approach Virtual Construction Management Improving the Update Process: Solutions for a Contentious Industry RP29R-03 MIP3.5 Observational / Dynamic / Modified or Recreated Adopting a Flexible EVM Strategy to Optimize Project Performance Public Procurement:  Uncovering Hidden Costs & Capturing Missed Opportunities Exhibitor Showcase
  Julie K. Owen, CCP PSP; David Davies; Brian Criss, PSP Craig Veteto Michel Guevremont, P.Eng. PSP Greg M. Hall, PSP Walied Abdeldayem; Mark C. Sanders, PE CCP CFCC PSP Christen Bergerud Bryan Payne, PE CCP CFCC Esq. TBD
  Basic Intermediate Basic Advanced Intermediate Basic Intermediate    
10:45-11:45 RISK-2523 RISK-2505 BIM-2632 PS-2432 CDR-2708 EVM-2581 OWN-2509 PM-2629  
  Application of Chaos in Megaproject Risk Analysis Models Fully Integrated Cost Schedule Model – A Stochastic Alternative Infrastructure: Visualizing Project Success How to Plan with Line of Balance The Collapsed As-Built Windows Schedule Analysis Method Improving EVMS Compliance through Data Integration Program Level Scheduling - Enterprise Alignment for Programmatic and CPM Schedules Project Performance Review - a Model for Continuous Monitoring and Controls Exhibitor Showcase
  Jin Feng; Xiang Wenwu; Zhang Bochen Liwen Ren; Gustavo Vinueza C. Connor Christian; Andy Kayhanfar Aldo D. Mattos, CCP Andrew Avalon, PE PSP; Ronald J. Rider Edward M. McNamee; Chistopher E. Hanner; Charles W. Immonen John Blodgett; Brian Criss, PSP Dr. Alexia Nalewaik, CCP TBD
  Advanced Intermediate Basic Intermediate Advanced Intermediate Basic Intermediate  
11:45-1:30 Awards Luncheon
1:45-2:45 RISK-2404 RISK-2445 BIM-2558 PS-2593 CDR-2559 EVM-2606 OWN-2475 PM-2639  
  Holistic Project Assessment (HPA) Risk and Uncertainty Practices in GAO’s Best Practice Guides Building Information Modeling For Infrastructure Projects – Emphasis on 4D, 5D and 6D (Panel Discussion) The Great Debate - CPM Scheduling - Owners vs. Contractors Identifying Critical Path Shifts in Observational Forensic Delay Analyses How to Successfully Use Earned Value on Projects Streamlining Government Change Order Processes – Can It Be Done? Identifying and Predicting Labor Availability in the Construction Industry Exhibitor Showcase
  Ken Cressman, CCP EVP Karen Richey; Jason T. Lee Jignesh S. Shah, PE CCP EVP Jeffrey Milo; John Orr Thomas Peters, PE CFCC; Alan J. Watson, Esq. Joseph A. Lukas, PE CCP James G. Zack, Jr. CFCC FAACE Dr. Nour Bouhou; Anthony Gonzales; Dr. Marcelo Azambuja TBD
  Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Basic Intermediate Intermediate  
2:45-3:15 Coffee Break
3:15-4:15 IT-2403 RISK-2459 EST-2573 PS-2528 CDR-2684 EVM-2471 OWN-2565 PM-2677  
  Framework for Evaluating Project Controls Software Systems (Panel Discussion) DRM Special Track on Quantification Methods Comparison of the International Use of Point and Range Estimating Understanding the Elements of a Good Project Schedule An Insight to Concurrent Delay Analysis Misuse of Earned Value Management Results in Erroneous Conclusions Data-Driven Management for Digital Capital Projects Developing a Project Skyline View for Workable Backlog Exhibitor Showcase
  Christopher P. Caddell, PE CCP DRMP James Arrow; Colin Cropely; David Hulett Robert MacDonald; Mikhaela Gray Chris Ackerman; Kyle Chudzinski Devdas Tamboli, CCP PSP; Manoj Joshi Charles F. Lappenbusch, Jr. CCP EVP PSP Margaret Lucey; Jesse Lund, CCP PSP; Avi Schwartz; Samarth Shah Doug Shako TBD
  Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Basic Intermediate Intermediate Basic Intermediate  
4:30-5:30 TCM-2392 RISK-2459 EST-2486 PS-2658 CDR-2574 EVM-2552 OWN-2540 OWN-2657  
  Reviving Entrepreneurial Thinking and Behavior in Capital Projects (Panel Discussion) DRM Special Track on Quantification Methods Getting Granularity in Project Life PM and Engineering Costs Categorizing Schedule Activity Relationships for Logic Analysis Contemporaneous Period Analysis to Analyze Concurrent Delays Case Study: Using ISO 20000 to Supplement Earned Value Management (Panel Discussion) Implementing a Lessons Learned Approach Can Make a Difference Managing Capital Cost Overrun Risks in the Mining Industry Exhibitor Showcase
  Scott Whitbread; Nathaniel D. Greene James Arrow; Colin Cropely; David Hulett Shoshanna Fraizinger Paul Reeser Varadha Ananthalakshminarayanan; Brian Goodreau, PSP; Rick G. Cianfaglione, PSP Sheryl Erez; Justin Sloan Stephen Cabano; Paul Williams; Scott Gordon; Martin Champagne; Matteo Giovinazzi; Arno Jansen Tin Lwin, P.Eng.; Jose Lazo TBD
  Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Intermediate Basic Intermediate  
6:30-8:00 Tuesday Toast

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