Technical Program Schedule

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Sunday (June 11)

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12:00-1:00 RISK-2406 RISK-2700 EST-2501 PS-2407 CDR-2608 CDR-2417 OWN-2422 INT-2480  
  Practical Risk Management for Airport Projects Case Study Quantitative Cost Risk Analysis at Bid Stage Engineering Estimate Accuracy of Highway Construction Alternative Delivery Methods Alternate Methodology for Managing Large Complex Project Schedules Hot Tubs and Other ADR Remedies for Disputes that Ail You Optimizing the Resolution of Disputes on Construction Projects Cost Benchmarking of a Joint Venture Project (Presentation Only) The Development of an International Construction Measurement Standard (ICMS) Exhibitor Showcase
  Hossam A. Eid Mohammed Didier Lagrange Douglas S. Alleman, PE; Dr. Daniel Tran; Arthur Antione; Dr. Keith Molenaar Abbas Saifi; Greg M. Hall, PSP Kathleen Olden-Barnes; Christopher J. Brasco; George (Trip) Stewart Lynn B. Larsen, CFCC Johnson Olugbelenke Awoyomi, CCP CEP Dr. Phillip D. Larson, CCP CEP PSP FAACE; Martin R. Darley, CCP TBD
  Basic Intermediate Intermediate Basic Advanced Intermediate Intermediate Basic  
1:15-2:15 RISK-2488 RISK-2555 EST-2578 PS-2412 CDR-2402 CDR-2452 DEV-2541  
  A Rationale for Lean Models for Quantitative Schedule Risk Analyses Contingency Cage Match:  Simultaneous Contingency Assessment Methods,  A Case Study Estimating in Step with Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) for Enhanced Project Control Protect Your Project Schedule Using the Unified Scheduling Method Project Claims Avoidance for Owners Change Happens: Implications on Contract Administration Practice and Policy Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining the Millennial Generation in Project Controls Exhibitor Showcase
  Luis O. Figueroa Matthew Schoenhardt, P.Eng.; Vachel Pardais Lakshmanan Simhadri; Yogesh Srivastava; Glen Warren William W. Davis Christopher P. Caddell, PE CCP DRMP; Andrew J. Aston Dr. George O. Okere, CCP Daniel P. Gilmour, PSP; Andrew D. Corson TBD
  Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Basic  
2:15-2:45 Coffee Break
2:45-3:45 RISK-2516 RISK-2570 EST-2447 PS-2649 CDR-2499 CDR-2531 OWN-2433 DEV-2652  
  Variability in Accuracy Ranges: A Case Study in the Canadian Power Transmission Industry An Engineering Approach to Schedule Risk Assessment Estimating Construction Costs in an Emerging and Unsophisticated Market Portfolio Management in P6 Measured Mile Improvements in Pervasively Disrupted Projects Extension of Time Quantification Strategic Budget Allocation Model for Deferred Maintenance Humans are the New Assets - ISO 55000: Attracting and Retaining Skilled Staff Exhibitor Showcase
  John K. Hollmann, PE CCP CEP DRMP FAACE Hon. Life; Andrea Almeida, P.Eng.; Raminder S. Bali, P.Eng.; John M. Boots, P.Eng.; Kevin Burnham; Victor Hsieh; Qaiser Iqbal, P.Eng.; Donald Konan, P.Eng.; Guillaume Lafortune, P.Eng.; Joe Ly; Clement Wu, P.Eng. Angela Tuffley; Adrian Pitman; Dr. Elizabeth Clark Juan P. Malo R.; Gustavo Vinueza C. Molly I. Donaldson, CCP Dr. Tong Zhao, PE PSP; J. Mark Dungan Thierry Linares Soojin Yoon; Makarand Hastak Ronald S. Gavrin, CCP TBD
  Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Basic Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Basic  
4:00-5:00 RISK-2596   EST-2618 BIM-2569 CDR-2542 CDR-2616 OWN-2458 DEV-2703  
  Backward-Looking Schedule Risk Analysis - Determining Acceptable Variability in Project Start   Cost Variability Estimation at Different Levels of Project Definition Housing Price Estimation Using Statistical Methods and GIS Technology Uniform Demonstration Construction Schedule Series Global Construction Disputes Report 2016 - Don't Get Left Behind Effective Project Planning and Scheduling: The Panacea for Capital Projects Abandonments in Nigeria (Panel Discussion) Attracting, Growing and Retaining Resources In Project Controls Exhibitor Showcase
  Molly Donovan; Samuel Steiman, PE   Franco Manuel Sanchez Romero; Edisson Perez Lopez Dr. Satish B. Mohan; Dr. Alan Hutson Michael S. Dennis, CCP; Kenji P. Hoshino, CFCC PSP; Patrick M. Kelly, PE PSP; Greta A. Martin, PE PSP Roy Cooper, PE; Brian Goodreau, PSP Dr. Joshua O. Olorunkiya Varatharajan Ananthalakshminarayanan; Matthew Evans TBD
  Advanced   Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Basic  
5:00-6:30 AACE Match (Volunteer Recruitment)
SUN 6:30-8:00 Opening Reception

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