Free Webinar: What I Learned From Studying 15,000+ Construction Schedules

18 November at 2:00 PM Eastern (US)

Schedule delays remain the most intractable problem in the construction industry. The failure to properly understand the root cause of schedule delays costs the industry over 1.2 trillion dollars a year. But the answer to the problem lies in analyzing the most authoritative data on the problem: the schedule data set. Leveraging the author's 17+ years experience in forensic delay analysis at commercial construction firms, this paper reveals insights gained from aggregated analysis of schedule data on over 1000 construction projects in the U.S. and beyond by correlating industry statistics on delays, overruns, claims, and breakdowns identified in over 15,000 schedules. The audience will learn how to improve schedule quality, project performance, delay and risk management.

Key takeaways include:

• Understanding procedural breakdowns that exist in the schedule management process
• Identifying areas of improvement that can be made to better control project outcomes
• Describing key metrics that are useful in uncovering these facts

Presenter: Michael Pink, CEO, SmartPM

This webinar is free, but registration is required so take a minute to register in advance so you don’t miss a minute of what should be a great presentation. 

This webinar is generously sponsored by SmartPM.


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