2023 Conference & Expo
Keynote Sessions


Monday Keynote: Jamie Notter

"Sharpening Your Culture to Attract Top Talent"

We all want amazing workplaces, yet traditional management “best practices” rarely get us all the way there. The reason why is not that our management practices are all wrong—it’s that we’re not seeing the hidden patterns inside our culture that are derailing our best efforts. In this session, culture expert Jamie Notter will share some of the dominant culture patterns that have emerged from his years of research and practice. He will demonstrate how existing patterns can make it nearly impossible to achieve the agility, collaboration, or innovation that we need to thrive in today’s environment, and he will offer practical strategies for fixing the broken culture patterns and unlocking new performance.
2023ConExTuesday Keynote

Tuesday Keynote:

"Covid-related claims and the challenges of measuring associated impacts"

Following the global pandemic, cost professionals within the construction industry are faced with the quantification of covid-related claims and the challenges of measuring the associated impacts.  The panel will discuss claims stemming from material shortages and supply chain issues, labor shortages, and labor inefficiencies. The panel will also discuss recent rulings stemming from litigation involving such claims.

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