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New Logo Announced

by Jennie Amos | Jun 22, 2017

Big news! For the first time since 1961, AACE International will have a completely new logo and font.  The colors have changed a bit too.  You’ll see this new look on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and on our official LinkedIn Group. Very soon you’ll begin seeing it reflected in all of our products as well.

Although AACE was founded in 1956, the first logo was revealed in 1961. Since that time, AACE has more or less retained the same font for the acronym – until now.  The old look became extremely dated and although the colors which were initially green and gray transitioned to blues, they were not clearly defined. And our Association has grown and evolved over the last 61 years so we wanted a logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic future.

AACE’s brand and logo are our organization’s identifying symbols of quality and professionalism and are protected under Intellectual Property Law. Our brand and logo carry significant meaning and value to those in cost engineering community. Individuals and businesses using the brand / logo promote certification, education, quality assurance and affiliation for AACE. No organization, person or entity should ever use AACE’s logo without express written consent of AACE International.Logo Explained

An official style guide has been developed and provides in specific detail how the logo must be created and displayed. The style guide provides specifics on the logo, color palette, typography, and layout. Deviations from the official style guide are not permitted

In order to maintain a consistent brand for our constituency as well as the marketplace, AACE Sections should use the official logo that will be developed for them. Enhancement or creative artistry with the AACE logo or font is not permitted.  The font is a service mark, as such, the service marked logo must not be compromised or changed.

For additional information on AACE’s logo and brand please visit  If you are interested in purchasing products, such as a shirt, with the new logo, please visit our Lands’ End Store:

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