Board of Directors Election

Adding Candidates by Petition
The AACE Bylaws provide the membership the option to petition to add candidates. The Bylaws, Article II, Section 4, reads: “Other nominations for the office of Director, or the office of an Officer of the Association, except for the position of Vice President Technical Board, Vice President Education Board and Vice President Certification Board, may be made by petition signed by at least 20 members in good standing. The petitioners shall be responsible for (a) obtaining in writing the agreement of the nominee to serve if elected, (b) securing the biographical data of the nominee, (c) submitting the petitions, the agreement, and the biographical data to be received by the Vice President-Administration no later than December 15th of each year. Each candidate’s name and biographical data shall be made available to the membership no later than December 31st of each year.”

Campaigning is Prohibited
The Board of Directors recognizes that the professional reputation and experience of candidates for Association office are ample testimony to their qualifications and ability to serve. Further, it is believed that these credentials do not need amplification and that campaigning for office by, or on behalf of, candidates is unnecessary, undesirable, and unprofessional.

After nomination, campaigning is defined as organized oral or written solicitation of votes or support, either by a candidate, or by an individual member or section, on behalf of a candidate. A proven violation of this policy shall be considered as prejudicial to the best interests of the Association and a breach of professional ethics. Such conduct will be subject to disciplinary action as provided for in the Association Bylaws. Further, a proven violation(s) of this policy by an aspirant to office, after due hearing in accord with the Bylaws, shall disqualify said individual from holding Association office.

The AACE International Canons of Ethics also states that, "Members will not campaign, solicit support, or otherwise coerce other cost professionals to support their candidacy or the candidacy of a colleague for elective office in a technical association."

To Vote, Members Must Cast a Ballot Electronically On or Before 4 P.M. Eastern US Time on March 15
Election of officers and directors will be by use of an electronic ballot. The official election ballot for officers will be posted and available to each member and associate member on February 1.

Members will link to the voting site from the AACE website homepage. Once at the site, members will use their member ID and password to access the ballot and vote. A six digit ID is required. If your AACE ID number does not include six numbers, just add zeros in front of the ID to make it a six digit ID.

Each voter shall properly signify on the ballot the voter’s choice for the various officers. A security feature of the electronic voting system allows members and associate members to vote only once. A voter can print out a receipt that will include an individual verification number as proof of having voted.

For election of Directors-Region(s), these candidates will be listed as a continuing or additional page for members or associate members in the regions electing candidates during the election. Each voter shall properly signify on the ballot the voter’s choice for the director.

Any member or associate member with questions or other concerns is asked to contact Headquarters for assistance.

Voting will end as of 4 p.m. eastern US time on March 15. The electronic system will block any voter from casting a ballot after 4 p.m. on March 15.

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