Certification Board

AACE’s Certification Board is responsible for planning, directing, and administering the AACE certification programs through the authority granted by the Board of Directors. The Certification Board writes the certification examination questions and evaluates the performance of individuals who take the examinations. It is comprised of a Chair, Co-Chair, a minimum of ten additional members (all of whom must be certified as a CCP, CEP, CFCC, DRMP, EVP, or PSP), and a Headquarters staff contact as appointed by the Executive Director.

2017-2018 Certification Board

Sagar B. Khadka, CCP DRMP FAACE

Vice President - Certification Board:

Valerie G. Venters, CCP FAACE


Bruce E. Bradley, CEP

James Cain, CEP

Brian Evans, DRMP EVP PSP

Scott Galbraith, CFCC

Jeff Goodman, PSP

F. Sam Griggs, Jr. CCP FAACE

Mark Guevara, CFCC PSP

Albert Kwong, CCP

Maryam Nejad, DRMP

David Norfleet, CCP CFCC DRMP

George H. Ostermayer, CCP CEP DRMP EVP PSP

Hannah E. Schumacher PSP

William James Simons, EVP PSP

Joseph Vollbracht, EVP

Robin Watenpaugh, EVP

AACE Staff Liaison:

Penny Whoolery
+1 (304) 296-8444 x. 1104

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