Ethics Complaint Process

One of the hallmarks of an effective professional association is a commitment to promoting and enforcing high ethical behavior among our members and certificate holders. AACE International takes this responsibility seriously and has created a formal process to handle alleged violations of our Canons of Ethics. The current Canons of Ethics may be viewed by clicking here.

Individual members and those individuals who have earned an AACE International certification are bound by the provisions of the Canons of Ethics. In addition, the Canons of Ethics specifically requires that members aware of a violation must report that violation: “Members should report or advise AACE International of any violations of any of these Canons of Ethics by communicating the time, substance, and participants of the violation to the Ethics Committee and should cooperate with the Ethics Committee in any subsequent investigation.” 

The AACE International Board of Directors has created the Ethics Committee and Ethics Appeals Panel to oversee ethic complaints. The approved charter for the Ethics Committee and Ethics Appeals Panel by reviewed by clicking here.

The AACE International Board of Directors has delegated all authority for reviewing ethics complaints to the Ethics Committee. No current member of the Board of Directors may serve on the Ethics Committee or Ethics Appeals Panel. A detailed ethics complaint process has been approved by the Board of Directors. A visual representation of the ethics complaint and appeals process may be viewed here

Individuals wishing to submit an ethics complaint may do so using the approved Ethics Complaint Form. To obtain a copy of the complaint form, click here

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