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2020 Conference & Expo - Post-Conference Seminars

by Jennie Amos | Feb 10, 2020

Classroom setting training available in 1.5 and 1 days after the 2020 Conference & Expo

July 1-2; July 2


Learning doesn’t stop with your posting of a picture on social media of you in your cap and gown. That is why AACE International is committed to providing you with the resources you need to make the most of your career. Each year before and after the Conference & Expo, AACE International offers a variety of continuing education seminars on a variety of topics. This article features the seminars that will be held after the 2020 Conference & Expo. Plan now to attend a seminar and the 2020 Conference & Expo which will be held June 28 - July 1 at the Hilton Chicago.

Registrants earn continuing education units (CEUs) to help toward required recertification credits for certifications.

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Wednesday-Thursday, July 1-2, 2020 (1*5 DAYS)

C1: Advanced Project Controls from the Owner’s Perspective

This seminar is worth 1.2 CEUs.

This session will build off the basic concepts of “Project Control from an Owner’s Perspective.” Advanced Project Control issues will be addressed including Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis, Engineering and Construction Productivity Evaluation and Influences, Schedule Analysis and recover options, Reporting and Contractor Oversight. Discussion will be conducted on project control requirements and language required in owner contract documents. Facilitators will also demonstrate some of the more common software tools for scheduling, risk analysis, cost estimating, etc. Participants will be tasked with various workshop exercises that will challenge their skills in project control and project recovery techniques.

Attendees will gain a hands-on application of:

  • Advanced methods for cost risk analysis
  • Advanced methods of schedule risk analysis
  • Execution Productivity Analysis Tools and Techniques
  • Planning/Schedule Analysis Techniques
  • Effective reporting methods/tools
  • Advanced recovery techniques
  • Standard Project Control Tools

Instructor: Paul Williams  

C2: Management of Changes in Construction Claims

This seminar is worth 1.2 CEUs.

This course provides attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the
construction change order process and analyze and resolve claims on the project site, not in the courtroom. The course identifies the 11 basic types of claims recoverable under most construction contracts and then goes on to provide information on the elements of entitlement and causation for each type of claim. The issue of delay analysis and recoverable damages will also be covered. Checklists for each type of claim and a series of specialized reports dealing with various claim types will also be provided.

Instructor: James G. Zack, Jr. CFCC FAACE Hon. Life

C3: Estimating A to Z / CEP Exam Prep

This seminar is worth 1.2 CEUs.

An excellent preparation for AACE's Certified Estimating Professional (CEP) certification exam, this seminar is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of estimating for the process industries.  It will also cover many subtle and advanced estimating concepts, as well. The process industries are "equipment-centric" and this influence is important in the selection of estimating methodologies used in estimating preparation. The estimating process will be covered from both the contractor and owner's point of view, noting the similarities and differences in respective approach of each. An emphasis will be placed on examining the conceptual estimating methodologies that can assist in preparing accurate estimates at early design stage of a process industry project.

The seminar begins with laying the foundations of estimating definitions and terminology used throughout the course, examining the various types or classes of estimates used by the process industries, and identifying the technical deliverables required to prepare each type of estimate. The components and structure of an estimate will be identified, leading to an overview and then in-depth coverage of various estimating methodologies. The issues of costing, pricing, adjustments, and allowances will be examined. Next, the reliability limitations of the estimating methodologies and their impact on estimating accuracy will be studied. The presentation of the estimate is examined including a discussion of the basis of estimate document, risk analysis, contingency, and the estimate review and validation process. The importance of Estimate-Schedule integration will be addressed. The issues of collecting project history and providing the means to retrieve and analyze that information to aid the estimating process will be discussed. Next, the organizational issues of an estimating department will be tackled. Lastly, the seminar will discuss various problems inherent in estimating for mega-projects.

Instructor: Doug Leo, CCP CEP FAACE Hon. Life

C4: Phase-Based Management of Risk through Cost Engineering/Project Controls

This seminar is worth 1.2 CEUs.

Success in program delivery depends on managing risks across the full project life-cycle, from the initial concept to handing off the completed asset to operations. Effective control of these Owner’s risks requires an integrated risk planning and management culture integrated in innovative technical cost engineering/project controls disciplines. This is not a simple one-step process, but rather a proactive and planned continual effort which includes special attention to areas of lessons learned, addressing each area with a process designed to manage those risks.

Using the phases of the construction project from pre-design to post-construction, the seminar will establish project risks associated with each phase, and the cost engineering/project controls efforts from the TCM Framework needed to protect the owner and project from those risks. The seminar is led by Mr. Carson, using his time-tested approach for Arcadis as strategic partners and loyal advocates for the Owners’ interests.

Instructor: Christopher W. Carson, CEP PSP DRMP FAACE

Thursday, July 2, 2020 (1 day)

D1: How to Create a World Class Project Management Organization

This seminar is worth 0.8 CEUs

This practical seminar is based on how a company created world class project management organization that delivered pacesetter project performance. Industry benchmarking showed that their projects were safer, better, faster and cost less compared to the competition. The formula for success included:

  1. Understanding project management's impact on the bottom line of the company by improving return on capital employed and ultimately total shareholder return.
  2. Implementing structured project development and execution process which enabled effective communication between decision makers, multi-functional project team and stakeholders.
  3. Demanding use of project management best practices to optimize safety, cost, schedule and operability of projects.
  4. Insisting on the use of total cost management tools for estimating, planning/scheduling, project controls, etc. to deliver projects on time and within budget.
  5. Providing project management training and certification for executives, management and project professionals.

Instructor:  Dr. Nick Lavingia, PE


As always, members receive the best rate. If you register for a seminar and the Conference & Expo, joining AACE will not only save you money on the registration, but you’ll get all of the benefits of membership.

Go to AACE’s website for the most up-to-date information on all of the continuing education seminars. Go here to find out more about the 2020 Conference & Expo including information on the host hotel, the Hilton Chicago. I look forward to seeing you this June in Chicago!

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