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2020 TCM Excellence Award

by Jennie Amos | Jun 26, 2020

AACE International is honored to be able to recognize all award winners at this year’s Conference & Expo.  It is through such outstanding ability, service, and dedication displayed by our members that AACE International can continue to be the strong organization that it is.  Our thanks go to you for the hard work, long hours, heartfelt involvement, and commitment to excellence that these awards symbolize.  It is our great pleasure to share these awards with you and to acknowledge everything you have given to AACE.  Congratulations!

AACE is pleased to recognize the following award winner:


The TCM Excellence Award is given to members in recognition of their contributions to AACE through a technical subcommittee or SIG, or by a member at large, who has been instrumental in the development of technical products such as recommended practices, professional practice guides, Cost Engineers’ Notebook, or other technical writings directed to the advancement of the precepts of total cost management.  Membership in AACE is required.

Colbert_Jessica2Jessica Colbert, PSP – Jessica joined AACE in 2013. She obtained the certification designation as a Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) in 2015.  She is the Recommended Practice (RP) coordinator for the Planning & Scheduling Technical Subcommittee. When AACE’s Technical Board asked the subcommittees to perform a “gap analysis” of existing and developing RPs to confirm correspondence with the Total Cost Management Framework, Jessica developed a procedure and gathered volunteers to review all existing RPs related to scheduling. This process and worksheets have been adopted by the Technical Board and will be presented to the other technical subcommittees. She is a presenter/author of technical papers at the Conference & Expo and has been published in Cost Engineering journal. Jessica is the Director of Project Risk at Allan Myers.

*As a result of the 2020 Conference & Expo being held virtually, the 2020 award recipients will receive their trophies at the 2021 Conference & Expo in Boston.

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